Monday, January 7, 2019

Non-Fiction Articles and the Art of Encouragement

I occasionally write non-fiction articles. I've done a few for Scripted and some for Sassy Girls Book Expo. Here's a link to my page at Sassy Girls.

I like to write about the experience of being a writer, telling stories, promotion, all that. The point is to provide encouragement for new writers. It's a hard job. Sometimes it's just nice to know that someone else understands that.

Just before my divorce, way back when, I went to the Romance Writers of America yearly conference. It was informative, but pretty much a disaster for me.

While I was there, three ladies came up to me and started hassling me about the tag line I was using for my stories. I'm, like, holy shit, did I just go back in time to high school? These were grown women, hassling me for God knew what reason. I don't know if the point was to start a fist fight (now that would've been fun), embarrass me into slinking back into my room, or what. To this day, I have no clue. I remember them hassling me but not how it ended. Knowing me, I probably just looked bored and walked away. Too bad, though, that the fist fight didn't happen.

My point in telling this story is that writers hassling other writers is just bad form. It's stupid and petty and oh-so-high-school. Have we not evolved from that time? Seriously? We should be happy for someone else's success and have the inner strength to tell them so. Why? Why not?